Michael Arceaga, various works

Eternal Salvation

FtUe87VOFmo6krshEternal Salivation plays on the iconic image of Noah’s Ark. In recent events of floods and other natural and man-made disasters, the idea of survival and salvation comes to the fore. This version challenges the idealized allegory by introducing human tendencies like greed and gluttony- Salvation becomes Salivation.

Plants are represented in various woods as is a wide range of animals (Pig, cow, emu, lama, buffalo, turkey, ostrich, lizard, snails, sea horses, shark, tuna, sea cucumber, and many others).

El Conquistador
Manila Folders, Manila rope, wood frame, and mixed media
5′ x 10′ x 10′ (ship only), 2004
6e0489e5c4041f8d152474d7cd836a14A Manila galleon made primarily of Manila file folders was successfully sailed by the artist in Tomales Bay, California to commemorate the famed trade route of 1565 through 1815 between Mexico City, Manila, and California. Based on one of the first intercontinental trade routes, the performance and installation is a humorous critique on contemporary and historic issues of colonialism and cultural exchange.
War Clubs
Wood axe handles, wood and glue
36″ x 12″ x 4″ (approximate for each), 2008
Made specifically for the exhibition Homing Pidgin at the DeYoung Museum, these contemporary interpretation of Oceanic war clubs aim to complicate the traditional tools of war in the region. These versions take common axe handles topped with architectural models that signify certain historic events and social issues.