Sea of Tranquillity (2010), Hans Op de Beeck

Full HD video, colour, sound (29′ 50″)

d2b24db87d8a45fca9225dc3f9531682_600_-1_EXImage_0_01web-sea_cover6Sea of Tranquility is the name of a high-tech cruise ship, supposedly the biggest in the world. The virtual ship was designed by visual artist Hans Op de Beeck, who also wrote and directed a short film about it. In his solo exhibition of the same name, conceived as a night-time museum with life-size sculptures, a cinema and large-scale watercolours, the artist explores the false mythology of this mysterious ship. This multi-faceted project is a reflection on contemporary patterns of labour, luxury, leisure and globalisation. It also addresses such eternal themes as Eros, Thanatos and tedium. Writers Nicolas de Oliveira and Nicola Oxley were invited to produce a work of fiction for the project. In Sand, their first and fascinating novella, language becomes a sensory experience.