Costa da Morte (Coast of Death), 2013 Lois Patiño

Coast of Death
Experimental documentary film. 2013
HD / 16:9 / color / 83´ / 2013

“Upon entering men in landscape and landscape in men the eternal life from Galicia was created”


Portrait of Costa da Morte (coast region in Galicia, Spain) from an ethnographic and landscape level, exploring also the collective imagination associated with the area. A region marked by strong oceanic feeling dominated by the historical conception of world´s end and with tragic shipwrecks.

Fragmentary film that approaches to the anthropological from its protagonists: sailors, shellfish, loggers, farmers … A selection of characters representative of the traditional work carried out in the countryside in the region, allowing us to reflect on the influence of the environment on people.

We adopt a slow and poetic view, letting time going by within the image´s frame, this allows us to observe landscape´s movements. To convey the idea of dialogue and relationship between landscape and people we use wide shots where the human figure is seen distant but his voice is heard close. The story suggests the experience of Finisterre´s landscape. A journey that will go away from reality to a dreamy look immersed in the mythical representation of the Coast of Death.